The Salesforce March!!

Starting my own blog in Salesforce had been long due. I'd always tell myself - 'Yes, I'll start it tomorrow without fail'. Procrastination was at it's peak and like every other person, I thought 'My blog has to be perfect. It has to have a structure. It has to be pretty and very well-written'. But, the perfection was only an excuse to be lazy. So, with my half-baked, not so "structured and refined" first blog, I'm gonna start my blog. What will my blog contain? Well, I wonder the same as you may too! To begin with, if you are someone who is in lookout for:<br /><br /> *1. Short and crisp reusable code snippets for your lengthy code*<br /> *2. New Salesforce release features that'll prove useful or may affect your org*<br /> *3. Coding best practices*<br /> *4. Business understanding of all that Salesforce has to offer*<br /> *5. And Much more!!*<br /> Then, you're at the right place. Join me in my journey of exploration of Salesforce. I'm going to march towards being a better developer beginning this March. **Are you with me?** Image By : [](