Site Generators for Notion

I am a Notion enthusiast and I love building stuff on Notion. This time, I thought I'd pick up building websites on Notion too. During my journey, I researched on a lot of options available out there, that would help me host my notion workspace to the website. Sharing my discoveries. All these were great tools to build a website through notion with ease. I'll assess these based on the various parameters that I considered. Hope you find this useful. ### 1. [Potion]( - Priced around 8$ a month / website. - Simple and easy to use. Hence, allows you to focus more on your content - No page limits - Pretty URLs - Auto preview image based on title - Fast page speed - Live style editor. No need to have a css knowledge for formatting - Showcase of the templates on their site will give you a fair idea of the things you could achieve with this ### 2. [Super]( - Priced at 12$ a month - Most widely used - SEO friendly - Allows password protected page. Only tool to have this feature. - Offers the most extensive gallery of showcase out of all options present - Good documentation of features and community support ### 3. [notionpotions]( - Priced at 8$ a month - Allows Custom domains, fonts, meta tags, and scripts - 7 day free trial available - Would love to have some more documentation. ### 4. [Notelet]( - Free for 1 website and 7$ for a more than one - Allows you to try out your website without sign up - Good and easy to use for a single page website - Pretty URLs - Custom domains and code snippets - Would love to have some more docs around this ### 5. [Hostnotion]( - Priced at 5$ a month - Good if you're looking to build a single page website - Custom domains and fonts - Analytics and live chat - Fast, SEO optimised - Would have loved to see some example sites on the portfolio ### 6. [fromnotion]( - Priced at 8$ a month /website - Docs at []( + Style editor + Custom domain + Free SSL Certificate - Adding custom code, pretty urls and analytics on the roadmap, but isn't live yet ### 7. [Fruitionsite]( - Free - Allows custom domain - Pretty URL - Dark mode available - Custom google fonts - Custom JS - Huge collection of showcase and thorough FAQ and doc - Self managed solution and hence require some time to setup ### 8. [transitive-bullshit]( + Free + Generates automatic table of content + Automatic pretty URL + Toggle between light and dark mode + Custom css styling + Allows extensive customization as it's open source + Fast as it's built in Next JS - Needs some time to setup ### 9. []( + Free plan to get started and 6$ for the pro + Very simple to setup Notion to a blog page + Fast + Easy toggle to show/hide page cover + Pretty URL + Plausible Analytics + Automatic social previews Let me know in the comment below which site generator has worked for you.