Node JS Kickstart

I was exploring a few new things in Salesforce, apart from the usual configuration and customization options when I stumbled upon a YouTube video from the [Salesforce Developers]( channel on YouTube - [Building our first Node.js web application]( While I went through this very interesting video, I was aroused with more questions, than answers. So, I decided, how about learning some NodeJS from scratch and see for myself how far can I go. With that, I looked up online for all possible content there could be on Node JS, till I was about to drown in the sea of content. Then, I remembered that one of my friend had suggested about the YouTube videos from [Moshfegh Hamedani]( That gave me a very good starting point to kickstart my Node JS Journey. I'll brief my understanding of what I understand about Node JS so far and I'd love to compare this to my own understanding after may be a month. I'm sure you know how a JS code works. Every browser has a JS Engine that runs our JS Code. So, a JS code could not work without the browser. In Node JS, the JS Engine is embedded in a C++ Program called Node. So, now the same JS Code can work without browser. There's much more to that, but that's the basic understanding of Node JS Before I dig any deeper, I'll start with doing rather than studying. So, I have my first Hello world NodeJS app ready. Pre-Requisites 1. Download Node JS from the [official website]( 2. To verify download run "node --version" in CMD 3. Create a new folder "HelloWorld" and add a file "app.js" in it with the following code snippet ``` function sayHello(name) { console.log('Hello '+name); } sayHello('Neha'); ``` 4. In Cmd, run the command "node app.js" So, with that I have kickstarted my journey to awesomeness. Pretty excited to see where this trail leads me to!!!