Long time, no see!

It's been quite a while since I have been away from hashnode and blogging. Unfortunately I too was caught by the Corona Virus. While I took the much needed break for my recovery, I lost my momentum of writing that I had gained over the period. Now, writing felt like I'm starting all over again i.e. Day 1. Over a month of writing, I had been able to get over my blockers that prevented me from writing. Now, will I have to go all over it, again? In the past few days, I was back to wondering about what to write about, coming up with a perfect document etc. That's when I went through my own [article ](https://nehasfdc.hashnode.dev/too-much-information) and decided to just write!!! So, I'll kickstart with what the phase of my recovery taught me. 1. Do not take anything for granted. Especially your health. Eat well, exercise and make it your #1 priority. Nothing comes before that. 2. Disease is inevitable. But, how you respond to it makes all the difference. Take it as an opportunity to rest, recover and recuperate. 3. Don't be worried about staying productive during your illness and give yourself a proper rest. Make it an excuse to give yourself a break. 4. Talk to those close to you and tell them what you're feeling because sickness brings out the worst fear. And if it's covid, fear is fueled not just by sickness but by all the possible sources around you. 5. While you continue talking to the people who matter, avoid anyone who's toxic during your sickness. 6. Monitor yourself closely. 7. Last, but not the least, thank the people who stood by your side in small ways or large. Did someone crack a joke that got you laughing while you had aches and pains all over? And that laughter made you forget about the pain, may be only for a small moment? If so, a "Thank You" note is the least you could do. Now, that my health is back to normal, I'm super excited to restart my blogging journey and learn and explore some new things around Salesforce and Javascript. Stay Tuned!!! :)