Code, Write and Repeat!

Salesforce is my bread and butter of course, but I'm hugely fascinated with 4 other things in technology that I want to learn this year - Python, Javascript, Heroku and NodeJS. I have a fair understanding of Javascript but I think I have only scratched the surface so far. While in the other 3, I haven't even taken the first step. I don't aim to be an expert in either of the 4. But, I want to make my life easier by gaining some knowledge in all of them. I guess there's no point in learning a new coding language if I don't have a purpose around it. So, by the end of this year, I pledge to be tech savvy and be able to 1. Automate some of the boring stuff with Python scripting 2. I struggle to keep my notes organized. I want to put an automation in place that would do that job for me. 3. Salesforce has slowly moved towards client side computing now. So, with a thorough knowledge of Javascript, I'll be able to build some robust Salesforce apps. 4. Funnily, I don't know why I want to learn Heroku. But, I have heard about it so many times in my projects, either to host an app or to integrate to another application that I'm just curious to give that a try. While I was trying one of the Salesforce-Slack Integration recently, I stumbled upon one of the processes that involved Heroku and I was clueless about it. Hashnode is definitely one of the platform that's adding to my tech curiosity lately as I get a notification for a new exciting blog on a completely unrelated topic every other day and I wonder "Woahh! That's cool. I didn't know that" So, thank you to @[Syed Fazle Rahman](@fazlerocks) and the team at Hashnode for this amazing platform. Ok, now that I have written this out, it makes me wonder "Did I commit to learning too much?" :D Nevertheless, I'll bite more than I can chew. That way, may be I'll get to atleast 60% of where I want to be. And this blog is definitely gonna remind me if I slack in my journey of exploration. ![giphy.gif]( Let me know in comments if you'd like to join me in this journey of tech exploration and become a super cool coder!! :P