A month went by!! What's next?

My blogging journey started in the beginning of March. I was super excited to start my first ever blog. From being a writing noob to now being able to blog everyday, from not being so fascinated with technology to being super-thrilled with anything interesting that comes my way, this journey has been an adventure. This blog of mine is to look back at how my last month of blogging went. ## What I had decided? - Consistently explore technology and share my exploration through my blogs which would be short and crisp. - Make blogging a fun thing to do and not do it when doing for the sake of it. - Meet other fun bloggers on the way and learn through their content and collaborate if I come across something that interests me. ## What I succeeded at? ![giphy.gif](https://cdn.hashnode.com/res/hashnode/image/upload/v1617613051159/lZqEw-ySk.gif) - Having fun writing the blogs - Keeping my blogs short and crisp - Explored, learnt and applied 5 new concepts in Salesforce - Kickstarted my NodeJS curiosity. - Wrote 15 blogs in the last month ## What I failed at? ![giphy (1).gif](https://cdn.hashnode.com/res/hashnode/image/upload/v1617613164389/afDv7SDPS.gif) - Blogging consistently everyday. (Could do it only on 15 days out of 30. That makes it 50%. Still pass class :P Yayyyyyy!!) - Collaborating or applying what I learnt from other fun bloggers - Being ok with average and not look for perfection - Getting overwhelmed with information and delay because something "seems" difficult without even trying ## What am I going to continue doing or add to existing? ![giphy (2).gif](https://cdn.hashnode.com/res/hashnode/image/upload/v1617613330736/w8l9M2YFW.gif) - Explore, learn, blog and have fun - Short, crisp and to the point blogs - Hands-on Cool Salesforce Projects - Explore a project in NodeJS + Salesforce - Get consistent and explore everyday. Aiming to blog everyday this month(50% to 100%) - Automate 2 boring workflows of my life using python - Learn from my co-bloggers and apply it to create an awesome project. - BE OK with AVERAGE April's gonna be a crazy one!!!! How does your month look like?